Who we are

The Selene Center was founded by a group of feminist activists to confront the issue of domestic violence and emotional abuse in rural and suburban communities and to provide support and encouragement for victims of abuse. We address issues of power and control and seek to change the societal factors that lead to gender imbalance. 

Domestic violence and abuse affects 12 million people each year and 1 in 3 women experience abuse in their lifetime. While resources exist in urban areas, rural and suburban women are struggling to gain access to them. On any given day, an estimated 5200 women in the United States are turned away from services because of lack of space or funding, with rural women being twice as likely to be turned away than their urban sisters. The Ohio Domestic Violence Network reported that in one day in 2018, there were 216 unmet requests for domestic violence related services. 

The Selene Center strives to fill the gaps in services through our mission of walking with women on their path from surviving to thriving

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