What we do



Immediate Emergency Support: 911


Call or text the Selene Center: (419) 254-1942 or (567) 200-2036



When we first start working with you, it’s important to get a clear picture of your situation. You choose how much information you want to share. We use this information in planning for your safety, whether you decide to leave or stay in the relationship. This begins with a conversation. There are several different topics that we ask about (completely in confidence) to determine the risk you are facing. We can work with you to develop a safety plan and conduct an assessment to determine your level of danger. 



We know that relationships and social connection are a big indicator of health. For people who have experienced gender-based violence, healthy relationships can be powerful deterrents to returning to a violent situation. We have developed a variety of group counseling options including a peer group, a trauma-based group, and a curriculum based group facilitated by a licensed counselor.


The Selene Center provides legal advocacy by addressing ways we can help victims have a more positive experience with the justice system and feel that they both understand the justice process and have a choice in the justice system. We offer court escorts for Civil Protection Order filings and hearings at the Lucas County Domestic Relations Court as well as criminal cases at the Sylvania Municipal Court. We are connected with The Ohio Domestic Violence Network and the Toledo Bar Association and have made referrals and submitted applications for families needing legal assistance through the TBA Pro-Bono and Modest Means program.