Press Release: Thanksgiving

Earth to Oven Bakery and Cafe partners with the Selene Center to provide Thanksgiving Dinner

A wise person once said, “Thanksgiving - when the people who are the most thankful are the ones who didn’t have to cook.” This Thanksgiving, Earth to Oven Bakery and Cafe in downtown Sylvania offered this special gift to local families. Jamilynn Fox, restaurant owner and Allstate agent, had the idea to cook a Thanksgiving meal at Earth to Oven for a while. “When Laura and I were talking about the Selene Center, I thought how nice would it be for the families not to have to cook Thanksgiving dinner this year? We can provide the whole spread for them!”

The Selene Center is a nonprofit organization in downtown Sylvania providing safety, healing, and justice for victims of domestic violence. Executive Director, Laura Harrison, worked with Jamilynn’s Allstate office to receive a $500 grant for domestic violence programs this fall and a Thanksgiving event was a natural way to continue their partnership. “The families we work with are often in a state of crisis and are finding ways to survive emotionally and physically on a daily basis. For Jamilynn to offer this gift of Thanksgiving dinner exemplifies what the holidays in our community are really about, being together and supporting each other,” Harrison said.

The Ohio State University Lucas and Wood Extension Director and Selene Center Board President, Holly Ball, helped plan the Thanksgiving dinner; where attendees will participate in Dine In Day activity. She invites all community members to take advantage of OSUE Family and Consumer Science programming such as this. “Now in its fifth year, Dine in Day calls attention to something simple families can do to be physically, mentally, and financially healthier—prepare and eat a nutritious meal together. We are proud to take part in the beautiful Thanksgiving dinner provided by Earth to Oven.”

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